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The body is an amazing vehicle, it is a way for us to experience our life, to laugh, play, work, create, share, and love. We experience life through our senses, movements, thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The body thrives on good nutrition, proper hydration, mindfulness, and deep restorative sleep.

We are a complex unification of body, mind, and Spirit. We are an elaborate system of consciousness, thought, mind, memories and sensations all working in collaboration with the functions of the physical body. Is it any wonder, that on occasion, the body, with all its miraculous operational tasks, requires supplemental support for optimization of form and function?

As a Therapeutic Life-style trained consultant with founders of The Institute for Functional Medicine Kate offers pharmaceutical grade supplements and protocols for every body available through her Wellevate online store.

Wellevate provides excellence in product quality and outstanding customer service. With over 300 brands of wellness products to shop from, Wellevate makes wellness easy.

On Wellevate you can find the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade, most efficacious, and purity tested products for your health and vitality.

The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse

Twice yearly Kate offers The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse, a powerful, complete, safe, detoxification and revitalization cleanse for the mind and body rooted in science and Yoga practices.
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"What is it that you would like more of in your life? What do you need to put down so that you can run with the stars?"
  - Kate Colby Nelson

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