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 The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse

The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse is a complete cleanse for all aspects of our being. It was designed to address the detoxification of the physical body, metabolize undigested emotions and experiences in the subtle body, and offer a portal for renewal and rejuvenation.

THe Body

Based on the scientific pathways of detoxification in the body, the Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse uses pharmaceutical grade supplements to safely and effectively support the detoxification phases in the body and re-inoculate the gut with healthy flora. The eating plan includes whole, fresh, and organic foods with a powerful detoxifying meal replacement and vital supplements to support, nourish, and restore the body during the process. The eating plan is simple, it reacquaints our relationship to food as nourishment, there are no complicated recipes, just a simple straightforward daily guides with a focus on clean, natural, and organic whole foods.

THe Subtle Body

Behind every physical action and form in the body there is a subtle flow of energy known as Prana. This energetic flow is collectively called the Chakra System. This seven day cleanse brings awareness to this energetic system and balances and restores the energetic flow of the body, Prana, through pranayama, movement, specific foods, and Ayurvedic practices. The Chakras and their elemental associations are addressed sequentially day by day to purify the subtle energy system and regulate flow.

THe Mind

You are what you think. Every thought produces a biological soup within the body, we are essentially creating a daily soup made up of neurotransmitters, hormones, and endogenous chemicals that are either beneficial to our well being or agitators. The Five Elements Seven Day Chakra Cleanse encourages a re-set of this biological terrain through the practices of meditation and affirmative awareness.
Each day has a ‘Quick Start Chart’ which includes everything you need to know for that day; the eating and supplement plan, recommended movement, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Affirmations, and Daily Ayurvedic Rituals.

Total time needed for your cleanse practice will be about fifteen minutes each day.

For those already practicing Yoga and Meditation the Five Elements practice can be easily added to your existing practice.

What You Can Expect to Experience

As you move through your cleanse we are moving through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. We start with the denser more grounded elements with our intake of certain foods and with our daily practices.

As the week progresses we move from heavy to light, there is a sense of release in both the physical body and the mind. You may experience weight loss, as we detoxify we can let go of pounds of water weight, remember that, “The solution to pollution is dilution.”, meaning that the body will hold water when we have toxins circulating in the body as an effort to dilute them, as we support the process of fully eliminating them we let go of that water.

By the middle of the cleanse you may, through changing your habits and some caloric restriction, lose pounds of body fat. While it is not the primary intention of the cleanse it is a beneficial outcome for those wanting to let go of extra pounds. Toxins are mostly stored in the fat and the liver so rapidly losing fat rapidly releases toxins into the body. The supplementation protocol is essential to support this phase of detoxification. If you find that you are losing too much body fat increase the amount of your food intake or add another serving of Ultra Clear Renew to your daily plan.

You can expect to feel lighter, more energetic, and more in tune with the way your body feels and the atmosphere of your mind. Taking the time each day for the specific practices that promote your health and well being will cultivate self awareness, establish new habits around food, and create a deep sense of renewal.
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