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About Kate Colby Nelson

Kate Colby Nelson, is a teacher, author, mentor, and guide in the philosophy and practice of Yoga, Science of Mind, Holistic Health and Wellness, and Spiritual Practices. Her professional experience spans over 40 years. She has a rich background in the science of the human body and a deep love for ancient wisdom teachings, she uniquely weaves together the physicality of life with the spirituality of being.

Working with Kate is about self-realization, living well, and creating a life that you love to live. It is about learning daily practices and tools for personal transformation that help increase self-awareness, improve health, and reveal our deep and profound spiritual connection to the wholeness of being.

Just like life itself sometimes working with Kate is deep and profound and at others it is light and playful. Come discover the power of your gifts, live with more joy and freedom, express your creativity, and experience an authentic lightness of being.

Inspired by ancient wisdom, spiritual truth, and universal laws, Kate offers individual sessions, courses, group classes, workshops, and traveling retreats. She is a passionate teacher, a life long learner, and lover of life. 
  • Licensed Spiritual Practitioner
  • MA Dance & Exercise Science
  • Certification Advanced Yoga Studies
  • Certification Neuroscience of Contemplative Practices
  • HeartMath Mentor
  • Devotional Author
Client & Student Testimonials
Seeds of Radiance- Kate Colby Nelson

When to Book a Practitioner Session or Take a Course

You want to make a leap of faith and grow your consciousness
You want more joyful and loving work, play, and relationships
The same patterns and old stories keep showing up
You want to feel more connected to Life
You want to carry grief a little lighter
You are about to create a new project
You are feeling stuck
You want to deepen your spiritual practices
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“Awareness. The hawk that sores against the hot blue summer sky, catching the uplifts with effortless ease, sees all things with her wide open awareness, why do you work tirelessly to fly so close to the ground?”  
  - Kate Colby Nelson

Seeds of Radiance
Kate Colby Nelson

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