Hi, my name is Kate Colby Nelson, Radiant Living Life Coach.  I want to welcome you to RadiantLiving28, your guide to simple, safe, and effective cleanses that detoxify the body and mind while reconnecting you with your inner radiance and vibrant being.  I have been working within the field of  holistic health and wellness  for over 30 years and needless to say I have seen it all regarding cleanses and nutritional advice;  from low carb, no carb, high carb, food combining, high fiber, no grain, measuring percentages, high protein, vegan, vegetarian, to omnivarian and more. 

What I have come to realize and understand both energetically and scientifically is that we are born radiant and healthy.  Intuitively a great majority of our bodies know how to balance our systems; when to eat, what to eat, and how to feel nourished and satisfied.  We start off with a course of perfection and divine patterning and gradually slip into an external patterning that may be a bit skewed.  How does it get skewed?  We start to look at our bodies through the eyes of comparison which, by the way, is the death of joy.  Is it fit enough?  Attractive enough?  Slim enough?  We become less loving, less appreciative of the miraculous events that take place in every moment that life breathes through us, and perhaps even unconsciously self-sabotaging and undermining the very radiance it is trying to express.  Or perhaps we are filling our saddlebags and bellies with unexpressed emotions, toxic thoughts, or the desire to “check out” from our inner conversations.  Some of us are at a disconnect because we have taken the path of excessive exercising accompanied with obsessive attitudes about what and when to eat.  Maybe we have developed habits out of life circumstance and misinformation.  Well you’ve come to the right place as every relationship needs a little love and fine tuning now and then and our relationship with our food and body is no different. So if you’ve been experiencing a “hitch in the giddy up” of  vibrant health now is the time to let go of dulling habits and patterns and uncover your inner radiance - you can love your body and love the way you feel.

If you have never cleansed before be sure to check out my Cleansing 101 guide.  Cleansing can do more harm than good when done too quickly and without the right essential nutrients for support.  A good understanding of what really takes place in detoxification of the cells and organs as well as understanding why EVERYONE needs to detoxify and cleanse on a regular basis is essential.  Although you will lose weight on most of my cleanses (7-12lbs) the focus is on reducing your toxic load and the pounds of negative emotions and energy you have been carrying.  When you release physical and energetic toxins your body will return to it’s innate intelligence of vibrant radiant health!

Kate Colby Nelson, MA

Radiant Living Life Coach

Holistic Health Educator

Licensed HeartMath one:one provider

Owner & Founder Seeds of Radiance

Copyright Kate Colby Nelson, all rights reserved (C) 2013