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Radiant Living Life Coach TM
Welcome to Seeds of Radiance, where a change of heart can change everything! 
Are you living the life you love?  Are you loving the life you live?  Radiant living is about knowing what it is that is important to you, what matters the most to you, and what it is that your soul yearns for.  Radiant living is about changing the way you feel in your life, and shifting your perceptions to shift your outcomes.

Living out of alignment with what you love in life can cause imbalances both physically and emotionally.  I help people reconnect with their sense of purpose and what it is they would like more of in their life. 

I focus on getting to the “heart” of the matter quickly and offer tools for transformation that are demonstrable and measurable.

I invite you to start living the life you love now.

From the Heart - Kate Colby Nelson

What matters the most to you?

What would you like more of?


    Financial freedom

    Success at work

    Better performance (sports, work, play)


    Great relationships

    Peace & ease

    Freedom from Stress


“Then follow your heart....”

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