It would seem that thoughts do become things.  Somehow we are constantly creating our experience from thoughts. From the sublime to the mundane, each aspect of our life is created from a “seed” thought that starts somewhere in the thinking mind and becomes denser until it becomes form.   Thankfully not all thoughts take form, however through repetition thoughts become beliefs, and it is from our beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, that the creative mind shifts our reality.   

Ancient cultures believed that the power to create came from an innate interconnected intelligence, from the soul center,  the heart center, or divine mind.   New science is confirming that this innate intelligence is the key to creating the life you want. It seems that the brain is no longer considered the only intelligence in the body.

Recent discoveries in the field of Neurocardiology show that the heart is more than just an organ in the cardiovascular system. In fact the heart has its own intelligence, enough to call it the heart brain, and this brain provides powerful emotional energy.   This emotional energy is the key to making a “seed” thought grow into reality,   Thoughts seek form and it seems that the heart provides the fuel to take our goals from the intangible to the tangible.

Metaphors like “follow your heart”, “your heart knows the way”, and “listen to your heart” are in fact very good advice.

Seeds of Radiance is dedicated to helping people learn the tools and techniques to access their hearts intelligence. 

“The Thinking Heart”

When you think with your heart you create a cascade of beneficial events for the body

     You increase DHEA, the anti-aging hormone

     You decrease CORTISOL, the stress hormone   

     You increase CORTICAL FUNCTION OF THE BRAIN or experience “higher thinking”

     You lower your blood pressure

     You produce ACETYLCHOLINE, a neurotransmitter that lowers the heart rate and improves     

     muscle coordination

     You improve your immune system

     You decrease CATECHOLAMINES which raise the heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose

Big Stress.  Little Stress. Stress Soup.

You get up in the morning and you are twenty minutes late.  Adrenaline is released  in the body and you are in “fight or flight” mode.

You can’t find your car keys.  Your heart rate goes up and your breathing increases.  Cortisol is now released into the blood stream.

You finally find your keys and adrenaline begins to drop, your breathing slows, but that cortisol will stay in the system for over 12 hours raising your baseline.

You make it to your office meeting, and you have to sit next to that co-worker who annoys you.  Catecholamines produced by the adrenal glands are now circulating in your bloodstream making you feel agitated; you are literally bathing in the bio-chemical soup of negative emotions.  As the day moves on you can’t think clearly,  you have projects to complete and feel out of alignment.  The goals you set for today will have to wait, again.

You come home tired and short, and that cortisol, it’s still there.

A Change of Heart Changes Everything

When you practice coherence it changes your biological terrain, your perceptions, and your outcomes.  You create resiliency in your nervous system and change the way you operate in the world.  The Seeds of Radiance Heart Intelligence Intensive program offers tools for tangible change.

“Stress is an obstacle - shift it.”

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