The Seven Day Chakra Cleanse TM

The Seven Day Chakra CleanseTM  by Kate Colby Nelson is designed to gently detoxify and cleanse the mind and body through awareness, affirmations, Yoga, ayurvedic practices, fresh and organic foods, and efficacious professional grade nutraceauticals that safely detoxify and support the key phases of detoxification in the body.

This cleanse enlivens and balances the subtle energy system of the Chakras, brings awareness to daily habits and patterns, creates a new relationship to food and eating, and provides safe and effective detoxification for the body and whole and complete rejuvenation of the mind.

The best times of the year to cleanse are after the Fall and Spring Equinoxes. Cleansing at these times invites the body and mind to transition into an energetic cycle that is aligned with the upcoming season.  The Seven Day Chakra CleanseTM is also recommended any time following stress, change, surgery, or illness.

The Seven Day Chakra Cleanse TM  is recommended now and until June 30th. The Seven Day Chakra Cleanse TM  printable booklet provides detailed information; how the cleanse works, how this cleanse is different and safer from other cleanses or fasting you may have tried, and how to prepare for your cleanse for maximum success. Daily charts make it easy to stay on track giving you an eating plan, supplement plan, movement, Yoga asanas, meditation, and affirmative awareness practices. Click on the link below to get started.

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Every Monday March-June 2019

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The Seven Day Chakra Cleanse Introductory Class

April 9th or 20th

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