Seeds of Radiance, where Spirit and matter meet.  You are invited to live a life you love to live.

Kate Colby Nelson, Licensed Practitioner in Spirituality & Health, teacher, mentor, and devotional writer offers an integrated approach to enhance self awareness, improve health, and live more fully and deeply from the intelligence of the heart.

Inspired by ancient wisdom, spiritual truth, and Universal laws Kate offers classes, mentoring, retreats, and workshops. She teaches tools for transformation to help you find a foot hold in your purpose, express your creativity, see the power of your gifts, and live with an authentic lightness of being.

“Kate is an authentic Holistic Practitioner and Teacher.  Her Teachings are taught with integrity to maintain the original and purest form.   Her eye and detail for beauty, presents itself with all that she does.   Whether she is guiding a meditation, reading or writing a spiritual message, teaching a class, or leading a ceremony, you will be inspired through spirit and guided in love.”  

- T. Cole, Holistic Health Client 

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Kate Colby Nelson  |  Seeds of Radiance “Where Spirit and Matter Meet”

Yoga Nidra


Join Kate for a free Yoga Nidra

Meditation every Fourth Friday

6:30-7:30PM Via ZOOM

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