An Integrated Approach


Rooted in the teachings of Vedic tradition and the modern science of the body and mind, her integrated approach offers safe and supportive openings for self growth, discovery, and connection through a variety of one to one opportunities and community settings.

“I have been touched by Kate Colby Nelson in many ways....First of all, I love her joy and her heart.  Her writings and story telling are profound and inspiring. Her creative mind expresses itself in so many different modalities: children books, inspired writings, rituals that speak of the earth and of the feminine principle as life, spiritual and holistic health approaches......and a deep commitment to spiritual transformation.  I love when she teaches as she comes across as caring and is an inspiring teacher. I also love her dedication to yoga and body awareness.  I am so grateful.”  - Sylvie Moonjay, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner

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“I have been taking yoga classes for years and can honestly say that Kate's teaching style has been the absolute pinnacle.    Kate weaves in chakra work with her yoga teaching that creates a powerful and deep yogic experience.   The practice brings awareness to each chakra in turn, stimulating and balancing the energetic body through the conscious movement of the physical body.   She has an in-depth knowledge and background in anatomy and kinesiology which are reflected in the care she takes for providing adaptations/options as well as the adjustments that she encourages that I have found can shift the experience I have in a pose completely.  Her teaching provides a yoga experience that feels powerfully connected to a sense of sacredness.”  -D. Anders, Yoga Student


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