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Yoga & Meditation Retreat

July 14th-21st 2019

Join Kate Colby Nelson for a heart and soul expanding journey to the island of the Gods, Bali.  Immerse yourself in a daily Vinyasa style Yoga class followed by Meditation.  Bali provides a sacred experience to explore and deepen your spiritual practices and connect with the heart of its people, the daily offerings, and the honoring and reverence of tradition and culture.

Your guides will be Bali Experts from Spirit Tours who have over 35 years of experience in Bali, studying the culture, and leading tours.  Their attention to detail and knowledge of culture and customs is unparalleled in providing an intimate and immersive Bali experience.

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Vinyasa style flow class.  Postures are sequentially linked and move with the flow of the breath. Some Yoga is recommended however all levels are welcome.  Visit www.yogapodreno.com for additional information.

Yoga Pod, Summit Mall, Reno NV

Time:  9:30-10:30 AM 

Tuesday & Thursday

The Intelligence of the Heart

What if there was a way to quickly change your physiology; lower your blood pressure, access the frontal lobe of your brain for clear and creative thinking, and create a cascade of beneficial events in the body?  There is.  Scientific research demonstrates there is a way to drop into the intelligence of the heart and move, think, act, and create from this center.  This state is called Coherence and can benefit every aspect of your life.  Come discover the science behind Heart Intelligence, what the sages knew about the heart as the seat of the soul, and experience it for yourself in real time. -TBA

Mantra Meditation

Come experience the meditative peace and well being of Mantra meditation. Explore the deep meaning of ancient and Sacred Mantras and how to use them for devotion, transformation, and profound well being. -TBA

Kate Colby Nelson  |  Seeds of Radiance “Where Spirit and Matter Meet”

G  R  O  W 

M  O  V  E

L  O  V  E

The Power of the Chakras

Introduction to the ancient energetic principles of the Chakra System.  Learn how the subtle energy systems of the body informs our physical well being and every aspect of our daily living.  Discover how to use the Chakras to elucidate areas of our life that need our attention and balance.  Expect to move gently and interact through self inquiry in this fascinating  journey through the ‘wheels of life’. Bring a mat, towel, and writing tools -TBA

Shiva, Shakti, and Ernest Holmes’

Metaphysical Chart

The tales of Shiva and Shakti in the Indian philosophy are undeniably filled with relatable drama and rich with Spiritual tools for transformation.  Using Shiva and Shakti as the characters of consciousness we will weave these ancient divine teachings together with Ernest Holmes’ Metaphysical Chart illustrating the creative process in a fun and experiential way. -TBA

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