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Kate Colby Nelson, is a teacher, mentor, and guide in the fields of holistic health, wellness, spiritual studies, and the Chakra System. Her experience collectively spans over thirty years.  With a rich background in the science of the human body and deep love for ancient wisdom, she uniquely weaves together the physicality of life with the spirituality of being.

She teaches and creates from her heart, realizing that every individual, as no two are alike, has within them an operating system of personal values and heart intelligence that makes them wonderfully unique. Her purpose is in helping others to discover and align with this unique and powerful intelligence within them while unearthing their purpose. Just like life itself sometimes work with Kate is deep and profound and at others it is light and playful.

Licensed Practitioner . Spirituality & Health

Licensed HeartMathTM Mentor

MA Degree Dance & Exercise Science

G  R  O  W 

M  O  V  E

L  O  V  E

"I have had the pleasure of teaching Spiritual Principles with Kate. Kate is not only an experienced instructor, she is a living example of Spiritual Principles in action. She is a master at being present for every student with heartfelt listening, thoughtful connections, and the ability to engage them in exploring the power and personal gifts of living a spiritually-principled life."  

- Jacqueline Horner, RScP and Hospice Chaplain

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